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IDG Academy and Privacy1 collaborate to offer Privacy by Design Training Courses

In recent years, all organisations in the EU have struggled to implement the requirements set out in the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Many organisations have focused on implementing the compliance and legal aspects of GDPR and not addressed how these practises are built into the organisation’s foundations and cultural DNA.

Two of the more forgotten requirements are built-in data protection and data protection as standard. The requirements mean that technology, processes and organisation must be created with data protection as a starting point and not something that you hang on to afterwards, and that data protection should become part of the culture and not just the responsibility of the legal department.

The organisations that build their IT based on data protection will reduce the risk exposure - and also achieve competitive advantages when privacy issues end up higher and higher on most people's agendas. Critical business outcomes such as Brand Protection, Customer Experience and buying decisions are all affected by data protection concerns of customers, viewed through the interactions they have with your IT systems.

This training describes the methods, models and tools that form the core of built-in data protection and data protection by default, such as Privacy Enhancing Technologies. As a participant, you get an understanding of how to translate the requirements into practice, into relevant technologies, networks, IT structures and processes - in both your organisation and in your products.

The course is offered both remotely and in person options throughout 2021, more details and to book please follow the link below :

About IDG - IDG is the world's leading database-driven tech media , event and marketing company . We are the new model for a modern media company, with a data-driven strategy and marketing opportunities that accelerate purchasing and deepen engagement.

About Privacy1 - is a software company in Stockholm and London that develops technologies for practical management of personal data. With a vision to empower the consumers and citizens to manage their own personal data, and provide tech to help companies and governments encrypt, secure and automate to ensure they fulfil their privacy promises and meet all level of data regulatory requirements, Privacy 1 is about building trust to reset the data privacy balance to the advantage of all.

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