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Web series - Privacy Simplified

Ever heard anyone say: “Why should I care about data security… I’m not hiding anything!”?

Well, it’s not that simple. And there are endless explanations about WHY you should care.

But what if you already do? We have come up with a series! Data security has been a much-discussed topic for years, and for many people who only have a general idea of the subject, it is an unpredictable danger. Our first part will start with an overview of 3 bullet points for people who want to protect their private info.

1. Get a VPN

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) ensures a secure connection between you and the internet. By hiding your IP address it protects your online identity – which is especially important nowadays, when everyone is using public Wi-Fi. It shields your browsing information from noisy readers, encrypts all data coming and leaving your phone or computer and hides your current whereabouts.

2. Use Encryption Services

You see, encrypting your data is also just generally important - but not as simple as you might want it to be. By using messengers like Threema, Telegram or Signal, which automatically encrypt your messages, you can make sure that only you and the recipient have access to your conversations. For computer applications, like Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat, you can enable setting passwords and even choose a way to encrypt your documents.

3. Understand Cookies 🍪

Web cookies: Those that consist of (potentially your personal) data, not flour, eggs and sugar of course. Cookies are used to track your website activity and “personalize your internet experience” which basically means it tailors ads to your every secret desire. They also identify you and your computer upon your first “session” on a website. We think: A trustworthy website should not be tracking your activity without your consent. A cookie banner is not a game to demonstrate your quick reflex, but the best way to protect your personal data from being leaked to an unauthorized party! You need to understand a threat to fight it - has an amazing guide. Read it here:

These are a first starter pack for a brighter, more secure internet future. TTYNW (Talk to you next week)!

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