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Data Privacy and Security Training

Our training courses are built on many years of experience of running data privacy and data security projects, but also building and implementing solutions and software to enable businesses to be better at privacy and make privacy easier to operationalise and embed into business processes and culture. 

So we not only run basic GDPR training like Data Privacy 101, but we also are uniquely skilled to help you apply the concepts of privacy by design and privacy by default into your business application stack and your business processes. This requires more than just a legal perspective. At Privacy1 we can also teach you how to adopt a privacy aware mindset into your development team, interpret the legal language into concepts familiar with application teams, explain how zero trust privacy dovetails with data security teams and educate IT and business operations people how to de-risk their processes. 

Designing Privacy
Friendly Products


Contact us today to see when our next public courses will run or to enquire about a course just for your teams. 

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Data Privacy 101

If you need to know where to start with GDPR, have no privacy experience and have started a business or taken on your first privacy role, then this course is for you. It can also be used as a basic staff training to achieve privacy awareness across your business.

  • Inside out walk through of GDPR

  • From regulation to implementation

  • Data protection guidelines and general principles

  • Data protection model

  • Data risk mitigation

Running Time: 2 hours in person or remote

Cost €200 per person 

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Data Privacy 101

Customized data protection training for your employees 

According to the Swedish DPA (Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten, “IMY”) more than 60% of all incidents reported to IMY are due to “human factors”. Most common is that an employee has acted incorrectly and caused or mismanaged the incident. A tailor-made data protection training, made just for you and your employees will reduce this risk by creating knowledge and awareness.

The training consists of 6 chapters and 28 micro-lessons and takes about 30 minutes. The participants study at their own pace and do the lessons when it suits them, on a lap-top or smartphone. 
The content includes for example an overview and background of the GDPR, easy understandable descriptions of what personal data is, what processing of personal data entails, the role of the Data Protection Officer, Legal basis, Rights of data subjects and the ability to be able to recognize a data protection issues and take the right action. It will all be based on your organization's privacy policies. 


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The training will be customised with your logo, industry-specific focus on issues, your privacy and data protection policy, and of course customised text for course invitations, etc. You can also choose to add a competitive edge to the training and include prizes as extra incentives. You can run it as a one off, or annually to meet your yearly awareness responsibilities.You will receive clear reports with participant levels and results.


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Designing privacy friendly products

If you would like to bring privacy and data protection into the culture of your development teams, enable the understanding of how the regulations translate to technical  application and identify the types and sources of personal data that need to be considered this is the course for you. 

  • Data protection guidelines and general principles

  • Privacy threats / Attack & Controls

  • Privacy risk analysis (Identifier tracking, Location system, RFID, IoT system, Social network, Cloud computing, data theft)

  • Data protection impact assessment

  • Privacy rights management

  • Case study: DPbDD in e-Petition system design

  • Case study: PIA for RFID system design

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This training describes the methods, models and tools that form the core of built-in data protection and data protection by default. As a participant, you get an understanding of how to translate the requirements into practice, into relevant technologies, networks, IT structures and processes - in both your organisation and in your products.

Running Time : 3 hours in person or remote

Cost €200 per person 

Designing Privacy Friendy Products
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Privacy engineering

A deeper level course getting into advanced topics of how best to design business systems that are both aware of privacy and proactively protect personal data. This workshop based course is for application designers, business analysts and development leads who want to adopt "privacy by design" and build data privacy and data security into the development path. 

  • Models and Paradigms

  • Identifier Tracking

  • Web Privacy

  • Module Privacy

  • Data collection 

  • Big data analytics

  • Machine Learning 

Running Time : 3 hours in person or remote

Cost €200 per person 

Contact us today to see when our next public courses will run or to enquire about a course just for your teams. 

Privacy Engineering
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