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Policy & Notice Management

Global privacy regulations like GDPR and PIPL have introduced never before seen challenges for organizations trying to manage privacy policies or data processing agreements across digital platforms. One of the top challenges is multiple types of those legal documents have different requirements from a range of regulations geographically and they have their own life cycles and versions. The complexity magnifies when you start to manage policies in different languages and domains within a wide range of digital platforms.

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Style it and Instantly Published Through our API

Our build-in editor enables your legal team to create the content with the best styles. You can preview the layout of your document in a live environment while you are editing the document. Once complete, you can easily publish the document to your website or mobile application through a single API call from our service.



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Manage Different Document Types, Languages, Versions all in One Place

It is very common that organizations deal with multiple third party service providers in different regions hence data processing agreements need to be managed. When it comes to customer facing services, your business often needs to manage multiple versions of privacy notices or cookie notices in multiple languages. These requirements create a challenging task for the legal team, engineers and operation teams. Privacy1 legal document manager is the unified service for different roles to work collaboratively managing these tasks.

Support four types

  • Privacy notice

  • Cookie notice

  • Employee privacy policy

  • Data processing agreement

Version management

Keep track of the legal document versions is a big challenge of its own. Our service make sure you don't get lost when creating different version of your policies. A hash code is created to guarantee the uniqueness of each version for better auditing.

Manage languages and countries

Policies or data processing agreement comes from different region of your service usually need different languages. In our service they will be well organised accordingly.

Associate domains

Certain policies or notices are published within a domain of your service. That relationship can be maintain with maximum transparency in our service module.

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Document Life Cycle Management

Internal or external usage

Tasking with Different Roles

Version History Tracking

Data processing agreement or employee policies have a different life cycle from your privacy notice or cookie notice. Privacy1 document management module takes care of all kinds of cycles efficiently.

There can be different roles handling different actions of legal documents. With our software, lawyers can now focus on the content curation of those documents and engineers will manage the rest all in our software.

Once a document has served its purpose, you can either choose to deprecate the document or archive it in our document registry. You can bring the document back to life anytime for auditing or other purposes.

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