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Our Mission

"Be the No1 enabler to actively make data protection easier, respect privacy rights, protect data from misuse and drive business growth through trust"

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Who is  

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Privacy1 has its origins in developing advanced security and privacy systems for Spotify. Our founder and CEO lead the development of a data subject orientated, data centric solution that could be applied across all of Spotify's systems and scale to the millions of user records that are held. Spotify wanted to gain the trust of their customers, be transparent about the data used and ensure absolutely that the business protected and used the data legitimately first time, every time. 


Realising that most organisations had very similar challenges, but could not afford to develop such advanced systems internally we decided to build a company to develop a system that would bring such protections and capabilities for all sizes of businesses from start-ups to giant platform providers


Developed from the solid privacy principles of privacy by design and privacy by default, our solution is designed to bring these capabilities just as easily to cloud based apps as well as legacy apps. With our solutions our goal is to enable you to apply these capabilities to your environment without rebuilding from scratch. 

Whether you are looking to protect the actual data you are responsible for and avoid data breaches, or just to document the personal data you have and manage your use of personal data better we have solutions for you. 

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What does 

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care about? 

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