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Take control of your privacy, security or ESG compliance 

Introducing Privacy Navigator 

Our Privacy Navigator provides businesses with a  governance tool that lets you navigate, assess, manage and demonstrate accountability of your privacy maturity across every element over your whole organisation.


Privacy Navigator will help you identify risks, compliance gaps and holes in your privacy project,  it gives you a plan to resolve them and a platform to iteratively improve maturity and show accountability, even if you are not a GDPR expert. 

If you are also managing sustainability, equality, environmental or vertical specific controls like banking standards or healthcare standards, Privacy Navigator gives you the flexibility to define and manage all those custom controls all from the same place. 

Navigate privacy controls

Manage 140+ detailed privacy and security controls ​​

Identify Privacy GAPS and risks

Run GAP analysis, Privacy audit, risk and maturity management.

Manage privacy action plan

Action planner to manage all your tasks with risk, prioritisation and deadlines

Copy of Flexible Arrows_edited.png

Create you own controls to manage environmental, sustainability, security or any imperatives you have

Report on Privacy Maturity and risks

Automated analysis, dashboards, graphical reports and statistics 

Monitor Privacy maturity and risk

Monitor Status and maturity levels on each control for current and target states

Governance tools are normally only affordable for big business, but Privacy1 brings a solution that empowers that capability to all sizes of  organisations and those running DPOaaS businesses. Our goal is to enable everyone to manage privacy better. 

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How to govern the direction of your compliance work ?

For many, privacy is an "additional role" so tie is challenged. Navigating the regulations and recommendations is complex if you are not an expert. You may have a record of processing and may do some risk assessment on data processing, but, what about all the rest?

Privacy Navigator for GDPR maturity

How do I navigate privacy, as part time DPO

How do I prove all the great privacy, ESG, Cybersecurity work we do? 

In addition to knowing what controls to apply across your business, the challenge is also how do you track your maturity level? ,and, how do you demonstrate it to internal stakeholders or external regulators? 



As many regulators start to shift from encouragement to enforcement, being able to show your maturity in applying, maintaining and improving your compliance controls over and above the basic records is important to mitigate the risks. This is why we created Privacy Navigator.

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Privacy Navigator gives you insight and control

Privacy Accountability reporting and governance

Your responsibility is more than just a ROPA

Compliance is about more than record of processing. Privacy Navigator enables you to manage elements like : levels of privacy awareness, ensure that process changes are being adopted and ensure you have the right policies, in short make sure everyone and every process protects personal data and protects the business. 

The privacy governance tool for all businesses

Navigator gives you a professional tool that guides you to elevate your program from the basic record keeping to being able to demonstrate your maturity and show accountability.


Whether you just want manage your GAPS or whether your business needs to show compliance against ESG reporting, Navigator will allow you to mature your compliance, and most importantly prove it!

Manage constant GDPR improvement in one place

Privacy Navigator gives you one place to manage everything. It allows you to show proof of your decision making, show current state, risk levels, active and planned actions and overall progress and compliance across all your privacy activities.

Privacy Navigator enable you to run an ongoing, iterative cycle of improvement and allows you to demonstrate whole program compliance to a regulator and better communicate the importance of privacy maturity and risks to company owners and investors.

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How to use Privacy Navigator - step by step 

Navigator Controls Icon.png


Evaluate your organisation against the controls to establish a baseline, identify GAPS and low maturity areas.


We support 147 controls from GDPR, 338 controls from ICO's accountability framework and 100 controls from NIST privacy framework. They fall into multiple categories that you can work through and evaluate your "as is" state. You can either start by focusing on a category or by an overall assessment and focus on GAPs and risks across:

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Privacy Documentation and record keeping

  • Accountability

  • Organisation and Resources

  • Risk Management and Assessment

  • Audit and Monitoring

  • Training and Awareness

  • Reporting and Communication

  • Data Security

  • Data Processor Controls

Privacy maturity assessment baseline
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privacy maturity analysis
Navigator Gaps Icon.png


Analyse the automated results, use the built in graphs, heat maps and statistics to identify the most high risk issues and least mature areas of your business or business partners so you can focus on your biggest risks. Then set the maturity levels that make sense for your business. 


Navigator Action Icon.png

Take Action 

Once you have identified your "hot spots", overlay the risk associated and with each and estimate the level of effort to resolve them.


Then you can set actions and deadlines against your target areas and prioritise and execute those actions. You can even assign tasks to your colleagues and let them focus on improving individual assessments.

privacy remedial action plan view
Privacy remedial actions reporting
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Navigator Maturity Icon.png

Prove your progress

Manage your progress against the actions, show that progress to business leaders in terms of mitigating risk and privacy maturity.


Review your changes, re-run your analysis to show the improvement and also identify the next set of target issues or date sensitive updates that you need to focus upon


gdpr maturity progress tracker
Navigator Reporting Icon.png

Demonstrate Accountability

Using Privacy Navigator, you can show that you have controls, and you are measuring your maturity against them. You can show that you have a process for improvement, that you are identifying, grading and mitigating risks and driving better compliance for your business. 


You can show your decisions, your progress and quantify the risks and the investments in time or budget required to solve them. Most importantly, rather than just being able to perform basic data mapping,  you can demonstrate compliance maturity from reporting to people, awareness to policy and process to auditing. 

GDPR risk and maturity progress
gdpr remedial actions report
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Focus "privacy time" on compliance, not making tools

As a small business, you are unlikely to have a dedicated DPO or privacy manager. As such, time to focus on privacy is at a premium and the risks associated with the area are high. So the last thing that you want to be doing is having to develop, build, maintain and update your own tools, especially if you also have to perform all the research first to be able to build them

Built by DPO's, focused on all businesses

We have developed Privacy Navigator in conjunction with many DPO's from large and small companies and also privacy professionals who offer DPO services. We are constantly updating the controls with additional areas, additional capabilities in line with best practices, new regulator guidance and regulation changes, so you don't have to worry about making your own tools.


Our solution is designed for all companies, with a reasonable price point and is offered in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere, any time. Privacy Navigator gives you the ability to stop being a developer, take advantage of the built in privacy knowledge and focus your valuable time on mitigating risks and improving your privacy maturity.

flexible configurable privacy gdpr software

Configurable to your business 

We have also built this solution in line with the ethos of all our software, that it should enable "privacy your way". With Navigator you can activate / deactivate the out of the box controls to suit your business requirements, you can start from any starting point from the 10 categories and hundreds of controls provided out of our default governance frameworks. 

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