One-Click solution to implement data privacy protection and regulatory compliance.


Excel your business regulatory compliance with low cost

Leave data privacy legal study and technical implementation to us. You deserve more focus and speed in your own business. With our cloud based solution, your business will spend no time on staying away from data privacy violations.


Lower Cost

Trust & Customer Loyalty


Unified solutions for data privacy regulators

We make it very easy to audit and supervise how companies and services respect their customer data privacy on an open ledger at any time.


3-step maual audit

Automated full audit


Get full control over your data privacy

We believe privacy is a fundamental human right so no one should observe, collect or use your information without your consent. With iConsent your data and information are under your full control with a single tap.


Data monetization


About us

More regulations like GDPR are enforced to protect people's rights over personal data. Companies struggle to become regulatory compliant and stay away from privacy violations. Users become more concerned over their privacy being exposed in this connected society.Our answer is: A future proof data privacy protection infrastructure for businesses, users as well as regulators.

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