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NIST: Pan-American privacy standard now actionable in Privacy Navigator

Updated: May 21, 2023

Privacy Navigator now supports National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Privacy Framework. This US Gov framework for privacy aims to prevent incidents caused by the gap between cybersecurity and privacy. Its 100 controls are now supported by Privacy1’s Privacy Navigator.

We believe that NIST represents the best Pan-American standard that organisations can use to take an ethical privacy stance to the consumer, meet compliance obligations and protect individual privacy rights in line with most other international standards like GDPR and ISO 27001.

NIST, famous for their globally acclaimed cybersecurity framework, created their voluntary Privacy Framework to help organisations identify and manage privacy risk, and build innovative products and services that protect individuals’ privacy. It also provides a structured way to ensure that brands can be confident in their privacy protection, in order to mitigate brand mistrust, or brand damage from privacy incidents like data breach, or regulatory violations at home or abroad.

The NIST approach to privacy risk is to consider privacy events as potential problems individuals could experience arising from system, product, or service operations with data, whether in digital or non-digital form, through a complete life cycle from data collection through disposal.

Privacy Navigator makes these controls actionable and demonstrable. Each control allows you to assess the current maturity, set target maturity, assess risk of operations and effort to implement changes, you can also set tasks and deadlines. It also provides reporting and a convenient way to demonstrate your accountability.

Navigator gives you the ability to run separate assessments for each part of your business and also to modify the control set to your own preferences and additions, you can also use the UK centric ICO framework or the European GDPR controls…..

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