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Melio Health chooses Privacy1 to elevate patient trust and GDPR compliance

Customer profile

Founded by an experienced team of health and technology experts, Melio Health provides a health system that uses deep diagnostic knowledge to give patients a more active relationship with their health.

With Melio, you can stay ahead of problems and manage your health on an ongoing basis, whatever stage of life you’re at” says Melio’s Co-Founder.

Patients can learn about general health, vitamin levels, cardiovascular risk or even hormonal balance - and then choose to take action on their own terms. That’s why we created Melio.” he says.

Melio offers a premium health testing experience throughout the UK and Spain combining an in person consultation, advanced diagnostics, and delivery of personalised results online. Find out more here.

Customer Challenges

Melio Health has grown from a startup to a high growth business in a few short years. One of the new challenges with more customers signing up to their services was to ensure that data privacy was being managed well and that the company was operating within GDPR regulations.

As an online medical service, the integrity of Melio’s service is paramount and the protection of the customer’s personal clinical data is vital to ensure that patient confidentiality is maintained and consumer trust is upheld.

Why Privacy1 was chosen

Privacy1 was chosen for three reasons:

  • The solution was GDPR compliant straight out of the box without a lot of customisation effort.

  • Deployed in the cloud, Melio Health could improve the protection of the customers data in a matter of days and it integrated into their existing platforms quickly.

  • Privacy1 offered not only a product but a relationship, helping guide Melio Health through the legal and technical and best practise aspects of the project.

“It was important to us to have a privacy partner, not just buy a product” says Melio’s Co-Founder,

“Privacy1’s team helped educate us on GDPR as well as provide a solution that solved our compliance challenges and gave us the best protection for our patients, allowing us to focus on operating our business” he says.

Value to the customer

Melio Health now has ensured the proper protections and choices for their patients are in place, this gives them peace of mind that they meet the GDPR regulations.

More importantly, the Privacy1 solution helps them to ensure that consumer trust in their brand and patient trust in their services is maintained at the highest level and that the rights of their data subjects are upheld.

“High growth businesses like Melio Health need a partner to help them ensure that they are doing the right thing with personal data, so they can focus on managing that growth” said Pan Xuan Privacy1’s CEO. “

The speed that the solution was delivered and the Privacy1 services, enabled them to deliver a ready to go data protection solution that would not have been possible with just a software provider.

“We are proud to have Melio Health join our family of customers and look forward to working with them further in the future” says Pan.

About Privacy1

Privacy1 is a software company in Stockholm and London that develops technologies for practical management of personal data. Our mission is to be an enabler to make data protection easier and accessible to all sizes of business and organisations.

With a vision to provide solutions to help companies and governments protect personal data, manage their compliance and demonstrate accountability to ensure they can fulfil their privacy promises and meet regulatory obligations. Privacy1 is about building trust through better data privacy practises and technology for the advantage of all.

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