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Innovative ex-Spotifier first with a privacy solution for Google cloud

Swedish software company Privacy1 AB becomes the first globally to have a privacy protection offering on Google cloud’s marketplace. The company offers an innovative data encryption solution that allows organisations to empower customers/citizens to manage their own privacy.

Privacy1 has taken a big step in the international privacy market by partnering with Google cloud. This move makes Privacy1’s tech available to all Google cloud customers, bringing them the capability to empower their end users to manage their own privacy, and crucially, be able to encrypt and automate that volume of changes across the organisations systems. This ensures compliance, data security and vastly reduces the cost and effort for IT Operations to make good on the privacy promises of the organisation.

Working with Google is not only very important for us as a company but also for the security industry. Today, many companies do not have appropriate systems to protect and then manage their users’ data, representing risk for the company and potential erosion of trust with its customers. We want to create a future entirely without data leaks and major damages — and this we see as a crucial first step” explained the founder and CEO Pan Xuan.

Founded by ex-Spotifier Pan Xuan who previously led the development of Spotify’s internal system for privacy. Pan started Privacy1 as he saw a need for all organisations to make data privacy a priority as consumers and citizens increasingly see misuse of personal data as a major trust factor. Pan has a vision for the company to be a leader in data pseudonymization and has since been awarded the “most promising startup” during Startup Sweden’s Demo Day 2019 and received investment from Almi Invest.

Beyond rolling out in Google cloud, Privacy1 intends to release on additional cloud platforms to make it’s solution open to all.

“Being able to protect customer and citizen data regardless of platform used builds trust. To make data protection easier to operate is a critical step in protecting our society, especially with the need now for contact tracing apps in response to the pandemic. Higher levels of trust with data, means better adoption of those apps and everyone is better protected, I hope soon we will see more actors like us in this market” said Pan.

About Privacy One: Privacy One offers software and services for managing and encrypting personal data. The company was founded in 2019 and has its headquarter in Stockholm. More information exists and the company solution is available on Google cloud marketplace

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