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Ex-spotify startup brings active personal data protection to AWS Cloud Marketplace customers

Stockholm Sweden - October 28, 2020 - Privacy1 AB a leading privacy compliance and data security solution provider, becomes the first to have its active personal data protection software available on AWS cloud Marketplace. The solution offers an innovative data encryption capability that allows organisations to empower customers/citizens to get visibility of and manage their own personal data, and allow AWS customers to easily bring Privacy by Design principles into their applications and data pipelines.

Privacy1 takes a big step in the privacy market with this announcement. Making Privacy1 available to all AWS cloud customers, brings the capability to build better trust in their brand with user transparency and control, be able to efficiently automate that volume of changes across the organisation systems and mitigate risks of non compliance associated with manual processes. This enhances the customer experience, enforces data security and reduces the cost and effort for IT Operations to make good on the privacy promises of the organisation.

"Privacy1 is proud to join the AWS family and provide the world first modular Privacy by Design solution on to the AWS cloud. It helps bring these privacy capabilities once the exclusive of the largest companies to all organisations " said the founder and CEO Pan Xuan.

Founded by ex-Spotifier Pan Xuan who previously led the development of Spotify’s internal system for privacy. Pan started Privacy1 as he saw a need for all organisations to make data privacy a priority as consumers and citizens increasingly see misuse of personal data as a major trust factor

‘Being able to protect customer and citizen data regardless of platform used, builds trust. To make data protection easier to operate is a critical step in protecting our society, and our rights. I think forward thinking companies realise the competitive advantage of taking data rights seriously and that they can protect and enhance their brand, retain customers and at the same time mitigate risk of non compliance and data breachsaid Pan

About Privacy One:Privacy1 is a software company in Stockholm and London that develops technologies for practical management of personal data. With a vision to empower the consumers and citizens to manage their own personal data, and provide tech to help companies and governments encrypt, secure and automate to ensure they fulfil their privacy promises and meet all level of data regulatory requirements, Privacy1 is about building trust to reset the data privacy balance to the advantage of all. For more information : contact Steve Badger,

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