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Innovative transport industry project chooses Privacy1 to drive better employee experience

Customer profile

This customer comes from a global company with sales of trucks, buses & services in 100 countries. To support more innovation, they started a project to find a better way to motivate the parent company employees globally.

The company collects personal data from surveys among its employees and uses automated analytics algorithms to find the weaknesses in their employment practises and try to improve the situation regardless of whether the barrier is physical distance between home and offices or mental gap between line managers and their workers.

Note : This customer values their privacy, as do we, hence why this customer story has been anonymised.

Customer Challenges

  • In order to understand the employment situation, very personal opinions are being collected from employees, trust and security of data are essential

  • The project lacked data protection knowledge as it was of the domain knowledge of the team

  • Limited time, resource and money invested in data protection as focus was building the employee engagement service rather than “privacy by design”

  • The project and its supporting interfaces required fast iteration in software and high development speed

Why Privacy1 was chosen

“Privacy1 shared a lot of genes with us, they understand deeply how much it means for us to act agile and move fast.” the customer says.

“We want our customers’ business uninterrupted and they are alway laser focused on the core value of their businesses which, for this customer is to improve employer and employee relationships” said Pan Xuan Privacy1’s CEO.

Our customer told us Data protection is such a complex challenge. We hardly get any resources internally to deal with these complex issues but this does not mean we should take the risk and not implement the Privacy by Default principle from the beginning.”

Privacy1’s two phase implementation gave this customer the legal foundation for their project during its first phase, quickly with minimal costs. As the project grows their usage of the system and more system automation is needed, they enable can the second phase of the system to embrace all the elements of "Privacy by Design"

Value to the customer

This customer has, as a result of implementing Privacy1, met the legal basis for personal data processing activities a core requirement of their project that they did not have the resources or knowledge to implement internally.

The project was able to continue to move at speed, whilst incorporating key privacy capabilities due to the speed of deployment and the responsiveness and knowledge that Privacy1 was able to deliver. Data transparency was able to be brought into force both before employee personal data was disclosed and after. This enabled the customer to build better trust which was vital for employees to share their most private feelings.

“It is amazing how much trust and support we’ve got from our employees after being told a world-class data privacy protection system has been integrated, because the employees now have the tightest control of their own data.” said our sponsor

Data accountability was enabled by introducing a set of data governing systems and internally, different roles within the business can never act illegally because of data permission separation the solution delivers.

“The implementation of a complex privacy protection system has been a smooth experience for us. Now we are certain a big risk is out of the picture and we can 100% concentrate on delivering the core technology using data. Privacy1 team will give us continuous support on our growing privacy protection demand if the dynamic has any changes” the customer tells us.

As Privacy1 we believe the best approach to demonstrate data regulatory compliance whilst making sure data subjects can exercise their GDPR granted rights at any time conveniently is to allow the user to control their own data. The technology forms a close boundary between the data subject and data controller. The ultimate trust will result in loyal users, low churn rate and more personal data contributed back to the platform.

Forward thinking businesses needing to reduce risk and increase revenue, realise that managing privacy ethically helps them build trust, protect their brand and drive the best possible customer experience.

Privacy1 is a software company in Stockholm and London that develops technologies for practical management of personal data. With a vision to empower the consumers and citizens to manage their own personal data, and provide tech to help companies and governments encrypt, secure and automate to ensure they fulfil their privacy promises and meet all level of data regulatory requirements, Privacy 1 is about building trust to reset the data privacy balance to the advantage of all.

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