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Want to build trust

and not build barriers?

Better cookie management

We provide a straight forward cookie banner that’s easy for your visitors to use, built to be compliant without customisation and won’t dominate the first impressions of your website. 

Be transparent with privacy

We help you to build to build better trusted relationship with your customers , demonstrate that you respect their data and their rights in order to drive customer retention, a better customer experience and brand value. 

Validated to work on leading web platforms 

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Use privacy to enhance your brand trust


You have spent a lot of effort making sure your site WOW’s visitors in those vital few first seconds, but the first thing they see now is your cookie banner. If yours is too complex to understand you risk alienating the customer you have not even met yet.


Visitors will give you false or temporary data when there is a lack of trust


Visitors take their business elsewhere when they feel trust is missing

The longer your cookie banner requires your customer to go on a hunt to find which sub-options have hidden consent and navigate lots of legal terms, the faster their level of trust in your brand and interest in your site reduces.

With the constant rise in fraud, data breaches and scams, leading brands are now using privacy to make trust in their brand and protection of their customers data a differentiator. Giving your visitor confidence that you take personal data seriously is vital.

Do you want to be seen as an

"Untrusted Brand?"

Making it easy for your customer to give and change their consent and giving transparency over what you will do with that data set’s you apart from your surveillance economy competitors. Be a trusted brand and make privacy part of what elevates your proposition

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Be compliant but still make a great impression

GDPR cookie compliancy and customer engagement are not mutually exclusive, as you see opposite our banner is clear, visible and gives all the options required for compliance. It shows you care about your visitors data rights - all while not taking over the customer experience.
Its easy to use, no downloads, no customisation, ready to go !

Easy to use for you

and, your website visitors

We keep it clear and simple so that your visitors can easily understand and use your banner, there are no multiple menu levels, hidden options, multiple choice legitimate interest selections. Just clear, simple and compliant. 

You also do not need to be a webmaster to configure it, our portal guides you to define your cookie and tracking use, categorise, explain and even to show how long you retain the data for and for what purpose quickly and easily. Just scan, configure, publish. 

"Scan, Configure, Publish"

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How to get started with cookie management

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How we can help you get cookie compliant

Easy to get started 

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Easy to deploy 

Be up and running same day, on our secure SaaS platform, there is nothing to install. Setting up an account is quick and easy. 

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No domain or page restrictions

Once you have a full account, you can scan as many sites, domains and pages as you wish, then configure and publish banners….no limits

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Compliant out of the box

Our solution is designed to get you to compliance with minimal configuration, we don’t use dark patterns, there is a reject all button and easy to use categories

Easy for your customers

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Enhance the

customer experience

Give your visitors clear, easy, options while allowing your site to get a great first impression.  Our banner does not dominate the visitor experience

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Blocks Cookies

before consent

Our banner blocks cookies until the user makes their consent choices, ensuring that you are not exposed to 3rd party risk

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Categorised Options

Collect you cookies into categories to make it easier for visitors to make a clear and informed decision in less than 3 seconds

Easy to operate

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Multi Language

Operate in multiple countries ? Our banner supports multiple languages, ready to present to your visitors in their local language

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Cookie Database

Use our cookie knowledge base to identify, categorise and describe your cookie use.  You can also add your own first party cookie definitions

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We are privacy experts

We are experts in privacy and can help you with advice We also have solutions to help with privacy and security of personal data

The free cookie checklist : are you compliant with GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy and cookie regulations?


Based in the EU (Sweden) we know the privacy law and  have put together a free cookie checklist :


1/ Do you have a cookie banner on your site ?


2/ If you have one, does it have a "reject all" button ?


3/ Is your banner easy to understand and allows a clear, informed positive consent in less than 3 seconds ?


4/ and does yours block cookies until the users makes a choice ?