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We stop data breaches

If you were to suffer an internal leak or external data breach today...

Will your privacy software prevent the breach ? Or just simply document the damage? 

What will be the impact to your reputation, brand value and compliance status?

Data breach by numbers


71 %



Data breaches involved internal actors 

Data breaches are financially motivated 


Data breaches caused by an employee mistake or human error

Data breaches targeted personal data in 2020

Take a look at our solution areas

Zero Trust Data Protection 

Learn more about our zero trust data solution that combines data centric security with privacy aware controls to prevent data breaches, mitigate the risk of data misuse and control data transfers

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We believe that privacy should not be seen only as an overhead to the business. Proper privacy management should help you protect your customers, build brand trust and differentiate your business against those that abuse data privacy rights and subscribe to the surveillance economy. 

Our privacy aware data protection solution will give you the confidence in your privacy management and personal data security that you can market your brand as trustworthy and your business as compliant. 

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How we help you solve today's privacy challenges 

Avoid Schrems II data relocation

Cross Border Data Protection Challenge

The Schrems II ruling has led to many organisations taking the disruptive step of  localising  their cross-border data processing back to EU providers.  This is prohibitively expensive or technically impossible for many.

We solve this challenge by giving  absolute control over the data flow by processor and purpose. This means that processing can stay where it is and the data exporter (you) can ensure adequate protection over the processor and suspend or revoke  access and enforce your SCC's at any time. 

Stop Data Breaches

The Data Breach Challenge 

Data breaches are a reality that we now have to live with. Internal data leaks, external data breaches be they intentional or accidental, cause untold damage to your reputation and put you at risk of financial and regulatory impact. 

Imagine if all the personal data you are responsible for was unreadable as standard, only accessible by systems, people, pipelines and processors that that have the correct decryption keys, processing purpose and entitlement. Any breach only exposes scrambled data  which is useless, valueless and has no impact to you or your data subjects. This is what we do. 

Protect the data where it lives not just document it 

How we help you solve today's privacy challenges

Data is becoming more and more fluid and mobile. It is shared with 3rd parties, embedded in pipelines, applications use it, multiple teams access it from multiple kinds of devices or direct from the infrastructure.


Application permissions, network access controls and device verification can't protect against internal leak or external breach, they won’t help you suspend cross border data processing for a bad processor and they won’t help you manage data deletion or consumer consent.


We are different from many vendors as we not only help you meet your regulatory documentation needs, but we help you automate and protect the actual personal data you are responsible for.


Our solution  is unique as it combines data centric security with privacy aware protection to keep the data safe and compliant. We automate the DSAR process, allowing you to build a better privacy relationship with your customers by enabling transparency with them and enabling trusted consent and cookie management. 

Smart protection prevents data breaches

We enable smart, privacy aware data protection on the data itself

Our solution gives you privacy aware security controls on the data itself, no matter where it flows, you have the keys to be able to enable, restrict, suspend, even delete personal data at any time, immediately. By enabling this privacy smart "Zero Trust" data protection approach you can start from a "no trust" position and only open the data up to legitimate access ensuring that your data is not only secure, but also privacy compliant and only used for legitimate processing purposes. 

Smart Protected Personal Data Network 2.

This protection is enabled at the data level. Each data element has its own shell of protection, so as the data moves around your network the level of protection remains constant. Without the correct encryption keys, the data is no longer in "clear text" but entitlement controlled in applications, non-readable at rest, in data pipelines and when shared with 3rd parties. 

These privacy aware smart keys understand processing purpose and give you the control to ensure that even if your perimeter is breached, the data assets are not readable. They allow you to have granular control over which 3rd parties can process personal data and give you the ability to execute privacy processes like DSAR and data deletion with confidence, automatically. 

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Build brand trust and differentiate with privacy and transparency 

Privacy1 believes in both protection of personal data and transparency with data subjects. Our solution allows you to publish in a secure portal the types of personal data you use, the purpose you use it for and allow your customers to make changes to their consent and execute their personal data rights. Our solution then automates those requests ensuring compliance, reducing costs and operational overhead. 

Customers are sensitive to how you manage their data. Your net promoter score, brand trust, customer experience and retention rates are all affected by the customer's perception of your transparency and privacy values. With Privacy1 you to have the confidence in your personal data management and security that you can use privacy to differentiate your business and enhance your brand.

Our solution allows you to manage privacy easier, automate and audit each engagement, and, remove expensive and error prone manual privacy processes across departments. The business outcomes are valuable, reduction of compliance risk, reduction in operational costs of IT, increasing your brand value and potentially longer more profitable customer relationships.  


We combine privacy, security and transparency capabilities that help you manage personal data across business departments.


As a DPO you want to mitigate risk, ensure compliance and help the rest of the business embrace privacy. As CIO you want to reduce cost, complexity and human error through automation, and, as CMO you want to build brand trust and drive customer experience and retention. 

Turn privacy from an overhead to an advantage 

Control internal governance and enhance the customer experience 

Use privacy to build trust with your customers

The Consumer Trust Challenge

Brand trust and customer retention are vital in todays market. Shifting to web and mobile business means consumers will buy somewhere else quickly if they don't trust your brand or site. 

If you handle sensitive data as part of your service then trust is vital for your customers to choose your product / service and for you to retain them, to expand and increase profitability. 

We enable you to be transparent with the data you hold, the cookies you use, the consent you require and the purpose and processing you perform. 

Personal Data Deletion Automation

The Data Deletion Challenge

As more consumers become aware of their data rights, and more aware of the financial and identity impacts, companies are seeing an escalating rise in in requests to be forgotten. Add to this the challenges of data deletion for purpose and retention time, data deletion is a problem.


We solve this using our data level security controls to psendonymise, and if necessary, delete the data. This can be done using an application, employee or the data subject with the correct permission and associated personal or service data keys 

More Privacy Challenges
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